How Invoice Factoring Helped a Security Consulting Firm

Hello, my name is Scott and I own Sea-Packs. I am a small business owner that provides security services for retail clients. I subscribe to XM radio and heard the ad for another factoring company and thought what a great way to free up some of my capital. I went through their application process and was approved for their invoice factoring services.

My largest client that I need factoring for is a bit sensitive and needs to be handled with sensitive gloves from time to time. After hearing her account on how my factoring company was continuously calling her, emailing, and sending FedEx correspondence; I began to feel her reason for being irritated. She wrote them a less than nice email and they dropped me, which left me with no funding and major cash flow issues!

So I then submitted an online inquiry with Universal Funding and Andrew responded.
Everyone I came into contact with at Universal excelled at their job and went above and beyond what they had to do, starting with Andrew in Business Development. David jumped in and helped by drawing up legal compliance to get me funded quicker. The Credit Manager, Heather, put up with multiple telephone calls and my account rep has been crucial to the process. Every one of their team members went out of their way, and owned MY problem. I will say it again, it was MY problem but this team made it their problem and deserves recognition.
I appreciate everything they did for me and I just wanted to let everyone know.

If you’ve been left in the lurch by other factoring companies and are ready for a prosperous relationship with a great factoring company, then it’s time to call 1-800-405-6035.

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