How Invoice Factoring Eases the Top 3 Concerns for CFOs

Today’s CFO are faced with the challenge of driving top-line growth while facing higher fixed costs, international competition, and pricing pressures. In a recent survey conducted by Robert Half & Associates the 3 top concerns for CFO’s are:

• Healthcare Costs
• Controlling Spending
• Staff Morale


The Affordable Healthcare Act exasperated the expense for businesses that still choose to provide employee benefits. CFO’s are charged with controlling spending and increasing profitability, and it’s hard to remain profitable when an overhead operating expense is affected by government decision making.


CFO’s also know that a happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce. When employees are burdened by health issues and expenses or are concerned that their payroll or benefits are in jeopardy, it’s easy to see where productivity and profitability are intertwined and can be negatively affected.


In another CFO Pulse Survey from Korn/Ferry International, a key finding was that 80% of CFO’s plan to spend liquid cash on investment in operations and growth initiatives. What we want CFO’s to know is that their concerns can be eased through an invoice factoring program. When cash flow is in crisis due to exaggerated overhead expenses, invoice factoring can help a CFO manage the outgoing overhead expenses and still leave room to finance growth.


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