Time and again, small to medium-sized business owners come to me with the same problem-cash flow. Often, they are a thriving business with no shortage of revenues, but their money is tied up in accounts receivable. They haven’t offered term discounts to their customers for paying invoices quickly; they lack the resources to collect on outstanding invoices; or they just received a purchase order for products they don’t have the funds to produce.

This is my story. I found success in the printing industry and from there, built one of the best factoring companies in the country.



Our CEO and founder, Henry Wozow and his wife Pattie, started a printing company over 30 years ago. During a growth phase, Henry actually used accounts receivable financing and factored the invoices of his rapidly growing printing company until he was able to obtain traditional financing. Thanks to this decisive action and a decade of savvy planning, his business flourished and was sold for a considerable profit. Our CEO has been in the same place as all of our clients and made a decision that changed the course of his business.

Henry’s hands-on business approach helped him recognize that the gap between receiving payments from customers and paying suppliers for raw materials caused a disruption cash flow and which was stunting growth. Growth presents the usual issues: changes in technology, increases in marketing spend, purchasing more raw materials, hiring more staff… When cash flow is stifled how are these needs addressed?

Over 30 years ago, Henry found that invoice factoring was the solution. After selling his printing company, he started a factoring company to help other businesses achieve the growth that he experienced first-hand. He knew that if businesses had quick access to capital funding they would be able to take advantage of the growth. 30 years ago invoice factoring was a financing alternative that was specifically used in a few key industries like the printing industry and the garment industry, but as each decade passes more and more industries have found the value in factoring. Today the transportation and staffing industries thrive with the help of invoice factoring and the IT industry is one of the fastest growing sectors benefiting from invoice factoring.

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