Funding Options To Cover Operating Expenses

While your monthly fixed costs are fairly predictable, your revenue, on the other hand, is often not as easy to predict. So, when customer payments are slow, your cash levels can quickly become depleted, leaving you with a serious cash-flow problem. And let’s face it; some of your operating expenses like utilities, lease payments, and equipment rentals are absolutely critical to your company’s survival.


Your company’s fixed operating costs must be addressed each month, but periods with low cash levels make this task difficult.

Your open invoice amounts, especially those due in 60 or 90 days, may not provide the cash-flow you need before your operating expenses are due.  If you’re considering a business loan from a bank; it will most likely not arrive in time to cover your current expenses, as the approval process for banks often takes weeks if not months. Finding a solution to this dilemma can affect all areas of your business by delaying projects, repairs or supply purchases or disrupting payroll.

When your business’ cash-on-hand isn’t sufficient to cover these critical operating costs, you might be tempted to use credit cards or other forms of short-term debt. We have a better solution; …your invoices.

By selling some or all of your open invoices to a factoring company like Universal Funding, you can often and regularly generate more than enough cash to cover your critical operating expenses. Additionally, invoice factoring is fast; like in a matter of a few short days.

Universal Funding can provide your business with cash quickly by purchasing your open invoices. To find out how fast you can access cash to cover your monthly expenses, fill out our online rate form or call 1-800-405-6035 for a no-cost consultation today.

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