Financing Accounts Receivables and Your Credit Rating

The financial team of every organization has to pay close attention to the economic health of the company, which means following the fluctuations of the company’s overall credit rating. This rating is a shorthand indication of the company’s overall ability to financially exert itself within the sphere of lending and borrowing. This rating is often the first bit of information considered by a potential lender and so financial teams pay close attention to avoid being taken by surprise when a large deal is in the works. However, not every company has a strong credit rating. The country’s top factoring companies understand these circumstances and are still happy to help you access the funding solutions required for ongoing operations, growth, and expansion.

business credit rating


Accessing Financial Strength With Damaged Credit

Companies can suffer credit-related setbacks for a number of reasons. In fact, the credit of many companies suffered as a result of the 2008 economic downturn in the United States; even businesses that did everything right ended up experiencing significant setbacks. You may not realize that there are financing solutions that do not directly depend on your company’s credit rating.

Factoring is a Powerful and Viable Financing Alternative

There are three primary reasons why an organization might consider availing themselves to the services offered by top factoring companies. These are:

  • Rapid access to a large amount of working capital in a lump sum
  • The ability to access financing services without tying up existing lines of credit
  • The convenience of a funding alternative that does not solely depend on the strength of a company’s credit rating

Leverage Your Real Financial Strength

Factoring has more in common with a direct sale of assets than with a traditional business loan. This is why no lines of credit are tied up and why an organization’s credit rating is not a primary consideration. Selling accounts receivables is also a relatively straightforward process. You can get started today by filling out our online rate form.

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