Factoring Receivables Experts Launch e-Book Today

Factoring receivables experts, Universal Funding, is publishing a booklett titled “The 6 Golden Rules For Securing Your Company’s Financial Future”.  The booklet will be published on Amazon Kindle and possibly other eBook formats.

“We’re excited about publishing this eBook.  Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of companies with their commercial financing and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  This book just gives us another medium to help companies with their financing”, says Kyle Bergstedt, President and author of this publication.

Given the slow recovery from the recession that caught most businesses off-guard in 2008, many companies have plateaued, downsized, or even closed their doors.  Now that 4 years has passed, businesses are stabilizing and ready for expansion, but their eagerness is soon dashed when they try to secure capital funding. 

While being in a survivalist holding pattern for the past five years, and using any means necessary to keep the doors open, people employed, and customers happy, their debt to income ratio may not look as attractive on paper to traditional financial institutions that have become more cautious with their lending. 

When on the hunt for non-traditional financing options, business owners and managers are prone to applying for credit at the wrong time, with high risk and outrageous costs. Using effective methods to make your business more attractive to banks in the short term will allow you to boost the amount of capital you are able to procure to reach long-term goals.

Within these six rules, Universal Funding provides a simple solution for businesses to quickly acquire capital that can be used to attain higher production goals and profitability that will also increase the appeal to traditional lenders without damaging credit or incurring debt.

The booklet chapters include:

Rule #1 – Research, Research, Research

Rule #2 – Maximize Sales

Rule #3 – Timing Is Everything

Rule #4 – Minimize Cost & Debt

Rule #5 – Delegate

Rule #6 – Diversify

Universal Funding is uniquely qualified to author this booklet.  As a financial services company that provides customized capital funding programs (factoring invoices and factoring receivables) to meet business cash flow needs, Universal Funding is one of the industry’s premier players.  Universal Funding has over 65 years of experience helping many companies to grow and succeed.

Through its factoring services, Universal Funding  is a very attractive alternative to bank loans.  In most cases a company’s invoices are viewed as an asset, used as collateral, and an advance can be provided.  With low fees and fast turnaround, often in a matter of days, more and more businesses are turning to this attractive alternative.

Factoring is not new to the business world, but what makes Universal Funding unique is its roots of family ownership and its customized customer care.  Universal Funding takes the time and energy necessary to get to know each of its customers and then creates a customized package deal that’s unique to that customer and their needs. 

Not all businesses are the same, nor are their financial needs.  That is why any factoring receivables agreement should be highly tailored to the specific needs of the business.

For additional information about factoring, contact Universal Funding at https://www.universalfunding.com or call (800) 405-6035.

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