Receivables Factoring Companies

How Accounts Receivables Factoring Companies Can Help You

factoring receivables company

Receivable factoring companies offer businesses an alternative to traditional commercial financing. Receivable factoring companies, like Universal Funding, purchase open invoices and provide a large advance, giving your business the opportunity to secure the funding you need for expansion, purchase of additional raw materials, payroll, or simply cover day-to-day operating expenses.

Entrepreneur’s article, “Factor Your Receivables for More Cash”, provides extensive details on the terms of this process.

Key Facts that Make Factoring the Right Choice

Factoring converts your accounts receivable into working capital without creating debt or adding liability. Factoring does not rely on your credit rating, collateral, or bringing in investors, so startups and companies who have faced previous cash flow challenges are more easily qualified for funding. This type of financing helps companies free up capital that is stuck in unpaid debts. We fund up to 95% of your accounts receivable, getting monies owed to you working for you before they are paid, with rates starting as low as .55%. 

Benefits to factoring, instead of traditional financing like bank loans or investors:

  • You are not creating a debt—instead you are able to utilize the money you would have collected from customers before they make payment.
  • You can use the factoring service for whatever need you have—use the funds to cover payroll and other payments vital to your business or use it to put your growth plan into action.
  • You can use it as many times as you need—when a need arises you can utilize the service without having to reapply and it is flexible so it scales up with the growth of your business without lengthy paperwork.
  • Your credit rating is not a determining factor—you are not repaying funds, we are simply freeing up your operating capital through invoice factoring.
  • You no longer need to chase your customers for payment—the factoring company now works with your customers for payment of their invoices.

For further details on the benefits of invoice factoring please feel free to visit, “The Advantages of Invoice Factoring”, provided by the Small Business Chronicle.

Why Universal Funding

Universal Funding Corporation is the right partner for you because we are there when you need us, whether you only need us once or in an ongoing capacity. We understand the need for reliable cash flow and opportunities for growth generally come with tight timelines. Having the cash flow to take action can be challenging at times, one we can help you overcome. We turn your accounts receivable into the funding you need through factoring. And unlike many other factoring companies, we can have funds in your hands in a matter of days.

Universal Funding is a private funding source that has funded thousands of businesses and more than $2 billion since 1998. We believe your business deserves a personal evaluation to determine if you can be approved for financing. We know with every new partner comes a history, customer relationships, and employees to support. We take the time to learn about your business to get a clear understanding of the challenges you face and the growth opportunities that will take you to the next level.

To find out how you can gain access to a fast cash flow solution call us at 800-405-6035 or submit a rate form and one of our factoring specialists will get in touch with you right away.