Factoring Receivables Companies Offer Services to the Biggest Names in Business

One of the most financially advantageous systems for profitable companies that are going through rough times is receivables factoring. This is the process where you sell your unpaid invoice accounts and receive cash in the form of an advance. This means being able to pay off important bills, make time-sensitive investments, or one of a hundred other things that ready capital is used for. Universal Funding Corporation is proud to offer our services to some of the biggest names in business, but we want to help struggling companies as well.

Starting the Process Right

Selecting the right factoring receivables company for your situation and particular business needs is perhaps the most important step in becoming financially solvent once again. With the difficult work of selecting the right partner, you are then able to rest a little easier as we take care of the rest. Never again watch your debt increase above what you are able to pay it off, and choose factoring rather than opening up additional lines of credit.

Benefits of Factoring

Apart from keeping your credit lines open, factoring also comes to you debt-free. This is because rather than a form on lending, factoring is a sale of your assets for cash. Waiting for weeks or months for customers to pay their bills may be too slow for your pressing needs, but by selling the invoices, you effectively get a sum comparable to a paid-in-full account, but in a fraction of the time.

How to Start

In order to begin the selling process, you first need to determine what accounts you have at your disposal. To see how much you can earn by selling your invoices, check out our rate form, and see if factoring is a viable solution for your short term-money problems. For any other questions about Universal Funding Corporation or about the factoring process, call us at 800. 405.6035 and speak with a representative directly.

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