Different funding companies use their own system for determining factoring and advance rates. Some are not upfront with extra fees, which makes a difference when you are trying to calculate the true cost of invoice factoring.  We’ve created a helpful comparison so that you can see how our rates and fees stack up against other financial companies.  This chart also shows you where other companies hide fees that you may not think to ask about before a contract is signed.

fee_comparisonUniversal Funding is dedicated to not only offering the lowest rates, but also  minimal fees.  We have an in-house underwriting department which keeps our overhead low and approval times swift.  Other factors contract those services out which will delay approval and funding time as well as costing you more in the end.

The goal at Universal Funding is to have as many services possible inclusive to the factoring rate that you pay, so you know exactly how much money to expect from each transaction.


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