Factoring for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

As a wholesale distributor, your job is to move a product from manufacturer to market.
It’s the typical middle man role in the business-to-business realm; a position that can experience uneven cash flow month to month due to accounts receivable being tied up. You may not get paid until the product is sold to a consumer. You may have to do the unthinkable and turn down business because you’re waiting to get paid.

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Here’s an example of how one distributor used invoice factoring to shore up their cash flow, grow their business, and take on their biggest order yet.

Peekaboo Prizes is a wholesaler of specialty gifts and souvenirs. Business was good for the first four years with monthly sales growing to the $80K range, and then suddenly things got a whole lot better. A major amusement park chain approached Peekaboo with a contract to stock all of their gift shops. Even though Peekaboo didn’t have the capital to fund an additional $95K in monthly orders, they needed this opportunity to grow the business to the next level.

Peekaboo Prizes was able to come up with about $25k in cash, but it wasn’t enough to order the products from their manufacturer, who didn’t offer payment terms. A colleague suggested factoring their accounts receivable as a way to acquire the capital needed to fulfill the big order.
With nearly $90K in unpaid accounts receivable, Peekaboo was able to factor enough invoices to receive a $72k cash advance from a factoring company and take on the account. The new contract increased their annual profits by 50% and helped build the infrastructure to handle large scale orders from other big clients.

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