Factoring Company to Provide $1.5 Million per Month for New Invoice Factoring Clients Engaged in February 2015

Universal Funding Corporation welcomes new clients that commenced invoice factoring programs in February of 2015. The factoring lines totaled more than $1.5 million dollars per month.

“Half of our new clients this month are based in Florida again. Each month we gain more clients based out of Florida as the economic conditions in that state are prime for our factoring services,” shares Universal Funding’s President, Kyle Bergstedt.  “While the reports show that the state of Florida is still a few years from being fully recovered, the GDP is advancing in the right direction.”

Florida’s GDP is advancing, albeit slower that the national average, while the personal income growth exceeds the national average. Other statistics show that the unemployment rate is at a 6 year low and that funding has been allocated towards building up transportation infrastructure which inevitably furthers trade.

The some of the new clients that commenced invoice factoring financing programs in February include:

A $150,000 factoring line for an IT consultancy in Florida

A $100,000 factoring line for a medical device manufacturer in Florida

A $700,000/month factoring line for a roustabout operation based in Texas

A $600,000 factoring line for a data storage supplier in California

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