End the Waiting Game Today with Invoice Factoring

You’re a business owner… maybe you’re the CFO of a distribution center…or you’re a bookkeeper.  Regardless of what it is you do, it seems like you spend most of your time waiting.  Yes, waiting to get your invoices paid.  Waiting 15 days, waiting 30 days and sometimes waiting 45 or more days to get paid.


The waiting creates a cash flow gap that puts a strain on operating expenses. If you only had access to the money now, you could get caught up on expenses and even start thinking about growing your business.


Introducing, Universal Funding; a fast and easy way to get an advance on your invoices.  Signing up with Universal Funding is easy; submit a few details about yourself and your business and one of our reps will call you to determine the lowest rate suitable for your company.  After that initial call, they will email you an application which can be approved within 48 to 72 hours.


Upon approval you can submit invoices to your account executive electronically.  The invoice verification process can happen in as little as 1 hour for your first invoice advance and even sooner for repeat advances. For ongoing advances, when you issue an invoice to your customer, you submit a copy to Universal and receive the advance in a matter of hours. You can monitor transactions in real time, 24/7 via our Customer Login on our website.


The only thing that changes with your customer relationship is where they send payment when the invoice is due.  Your customers can continue making payments in your name and send it to our lock box.


Sign up for invoice factoring services with Universal Funding.  Stop waiting and free up your cash today.


Universal Funding.  Fast Funding.  Low Rates.  Exceptional Service.



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