Easily Fund Expansion and Other Essential Growth

Companies that have become firmly established within their industry have to consider the various ways that advanced development can take place. Frequently, this development takes the form of expansion and the creation of satellite offices and support centers. The steps required for this valuable expansion always come with a price tag which may prevent growth from taking place at the most opportune time. Universal Funding is proud to help companies in many different fields successfully fund their next stage of growth. Your organization can access the funding opportunities we make available by selling accounts receivable.


A Valuable Financial Asset That Is Close at Hand

Client accounts and invoices that are held by your company’s AR department have a significant financial value that can be leveraged at any time. Doing so has many advantages over conventional business loans, which are likely to take several weeks to fully process. Factoring can be accomplished in a much shorter length of time, thereby allowing companies to move forward with development plans. The funds made available through factoring can help with many aspects of expansion, including:

  • Relocation, transport, and storage
  • Renovation, remodeling, and new construction
  • The acquisition of new equipment, vehicles, and technology
  • Software license purchase
  • Recruitment, new hiring, and training
  • Rebranding, promotion, outreach, and marketing

Expansion Requires Investment

Even though expansion is an essential undertaking for many organizations, it should not be started without the means to successfully complete. An incomplete expansion is a waste of resources and will continue to drain expenditures until the process is followed through. Making adequate funds available from the very start will help ensure that your company experiences positive growth and a strong return on the investment required for this essential stage.

Step Into the Next Stage of Business Development

Growing a company takes a lot of dedicated effort, not to mention solid financial resources. This is why working with a reliable and experienced commercial finance partner is so important. To begin accessing the value of your invoices, use our online rate form today.

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