I grew up in Spokane. Attended the University of Washington in Seattle earning my BS degree – go huskies! After realizing it really does rain all the time in Seattle I moved back to Spokane. I hired on with Seafirst Bank out of college and after many mergers I retired from Bank of America after working there for 32 years. While with Bank of America I had the opportunity to work credit card and debit card fraud (before debit cards were ever popular!). On the branch banking side I worked with business and personal checking accounts along with teller activities and then I eventually went back to work for the credit card side of the bank (when that department moved to Spokane) working in the credit area as a loan authorizer.

I ended my career with Bank of America working on the merchant side of the credit card industry working in a variety of arenas such as disputes and chargebacks, special compliance projects, terminal reprogramming, online system merchant assistance, and also with customer. I also have had the opportunity to work in the smaller business arena as I worked for my father’s legal office for a number of years. I have definitely developed a strong appreciation for customer service and a passion for providing the best customer service I can for my clients.

I am a mother of 3 children and grandmother of 3 absolutely wonderful granddaughters. I enjoy my grandma time with my granddaughters, working Sudoku puzzles, quiet time to walk with my dogs enjoying the outdoors, and relaxing on a sunny beach.