Could You Benefit From Factoring Services?

Companies of all sizes are utilizing factoring services for a variety of reasons. Not only can factoring help businesses take on new sales opportunities, but it can also help them meet their monthly payroll and other financial responsibilities even when customers do not pay on time. If you are currently wondering whether or not you could benefit from the factoring services that we offer here at Universal Funding, take a moment to answer a few questions:

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  1. Do You Want to Avoid Bad Debt?

If you want to protect your business from bad debt, factoring services can help. An experienced factoring company knows how to evaluate the creditworthiness of your potential customers. This valuable service can help you avoid taking on the unnecessary risks associated with customers that are not able to pay.

  1. Do You Want to Make Sure You Can Always Pay Vendors?

When you are struggling to collect outstanding invoices, you may be temporarily unable to pay your vendors and suppliers. Once you have strained your relationship with your vendors and suppliers, you will have a more difficult time receiving the products and services that you need from them. Vendors are more likely to take good care of customers who pay on time, and our factoring services can give you the cash advance that you need to take care of your most important vendor relationships.

  1. Would You Like to Maximize Your Internal Rate of Return?

There is a good reason why large suppliers commonly offer a discount to customers who pay their outstanding invoices early. When you receive cash flow quickly, you can reinvest it into your business and maximize your internal rate of return (IRR). Factoring companies can provide you with the cash flow you need to maximize your IRR, even when your customers pay their invoices late. Often times the discounts you receive can offset and outweigh the cost of factoring.

Start Benefiting From Factoring Services Today

If you would like to avoid bad debt, pay your vendors on time, and maximize your IRR, you could benefit from our factoring services by filling out our rate form.






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