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How do our rates compare to other factoring companies?

When determining our advance rates and factoring rates, we review each of your customers individually.  Additionally, we take a look at your business structure and consider your sales volume, the credit strength of your customers, your payment cycle trends, the face value of monthly invoices, and the relative health of the industry your business is in.  We take into consideration many variables, some of which include your sales volume, your customers’ credit strength, trends in customer payment cycles, invoice amounts, and the current climate of your industry.

invoice factoring rates

We have years of experience in the accounts receivable financing industry and strive to offer financially strapped companies some of the best rates in the business.  We understand that your business needs to retain as much cash as possible in order to continue operating.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers a fair deal and work hard to offer you the best rates on your accounts receivables.  As a matter of fact, we are so sure that we can beat the rates you have been offered by other accounts receivable factoring firms that we encourage you to allow us to review your invoices and make you an offer.  We’re confident that we can make you a better deal.  Our rates start as low as 0.55% and typically go no higher than 3% where other factoring companies’ rates range between 2-6%.

How are we able to offer the lowest rates?  We are a direct funding source and manage all operations onsite.  We don’t outsource our underwriting, marketing, or customer service which means we have minimized our overhead costs to make sure you get low rates and high returns.

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