When our founders chose the name Universal Funding they wanted to appeal to a broad range of American business owners.   Our business funding solutions are widespread for any B2B company that invoices customers and needs access to their revenues sooner than their payment terms dictate.

Unfortunately we were not the only financial services entity to use that same logic when naming their organization.  This creates confusion in not only the business finance landscape but also in the personal finance landscape.  We field multiple calls each week for consumers who are trying to reach two similar sounding financial services companies with completely different offerings.

The first is a similarly named company called Universal Funds.  They are a lawsuit settlement company on the east coast that provides services to individual consumers, not businesses.  The other is Universal Service Fund which assists low-income participants with being able to afford basic access to communications.  Again this service provider helps individual consumers as opposed to companies like Universal Funding does.

Common naming practices causes for reputation confusion as well.  If you are trying to find reviews of one organization, your internet search may provide you with results that don’t reflect the right company.  We ask that when doing a reputation search, make a careful assessment of the review you are viewing is for the correct company.

We get it. When people are looking for financial help, whether it’s for personal or business, they are quickly trying to assess where they can find the assistance they need.  In doing a quick internet search, many call the first number that appears without looking deeper into seeing if service they are calling is the one they truly intended to reach.  When we take these calls, we do our best to get the people pointed in the right direction.  We do not have any affiliation with these other organizations, and in no way endorse their services, as we are not familiar with their offerings or reputation.  However, we want to make sure that business owners who are seeking the services of a factoring company find us and we want to make sure consumers find the other financial service providers they are seeking.