Business Service Providers Turn to Invoice Factoring

  • Put debt-free working capital into your business
  • Make up for rising energy and labor costs
  • Carry you through times of seasonal or uneven sales
  • Fund new advertising and marketing efforts
  • Cover payroll, overhead, and cost of goods sold
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Focus on niche markets, expand operations, fill large orders
  • Free up hours spent invoicing and collecting payments

Frozen cash flow can be a major disaster for a business, whether you’re in a growth or innovation phase, or struggling to stay afloat. Many service companies are experiencing cash flow shortages due to outstanding accounts receivable invoices. You may offer 30 day terms, but that doesn’t mean your customers always pay within 30 days. You still have to meet payroll, keep your taxes current, pay your vendors, and keep the lights on.

Growing companies can turn to Universal Funding for working capital on demand. We can fund start-ups, principals with poor credit, companies that have lost their line of credit and businesses that don’t want debt. We have helped companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns and companies that may be headed for trouble unless they can rescue cash flow. Universal Funding has the cash solution for businesses large and small, local and national.

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Turn unpaid invoices into cash

Don’t wait 30, 60 or 90 days for customers to pay. Get an advance on your outstanding invoices with invoice factoring.

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