Business Cash Flow Solutions

Low cash flow can be a sign of a healthy business.

When a business needs cash in order to cover operating expenses there are a few options. You can go to the bank and apply for a business loan or you can turn to angel investors to provide additional cash to cover the deficit. We know that the fastest solution for cash flow shortages is to sell open invoices to an invoice factoring company in order to get immediate capital.

cash flow solutions
Applying for a loan can be an arduous process and tough on a business, especially newer companies that either don’t have the requisite number of years in business or have established credit to be able to qualify for a loan. Getting a capital infusion from investors can be equally time-consuming and a legally expensive venture that may not pan out and create unnecessary worry. Instead of turning to a bank or investors, Universal Funding can provide a fast financing service without creating any debt. We look at your existing invoices and clients to determine an advance rate and factoring fee. Our goal is to provide your business with capital as quickly as possible.

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