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Universal Funding is a financial services company that provides personalized capital funding programs (better known as invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing) to meet your cash flow needs. With over 65 years of experience our team has the expert knowledge necessary to help your business grow and succeed. When you began to research receivables financing you were likely inundated with a lot of factoring companies touting themselves as the best choice. We are going to explore why we are different from other options in the marketplace and can stand behind the claim that Universal Funding is the best factoring company for you.

Universal Funding is a stand-alone financial entity. We are not a bank; other factoring companies may be associated with a bank or may be a division of a bank. Their approval may be slower and harder to obtain because of the banking bureaucracy. Approval can happen in a matter of minutes with Universal Funding. This is because all of our principals are on site and manage all facets of our daily operations.

In fact, Universal Funding’s founder, Henry Wozow and his wife Pattie owned a small printing business and factored their company’s accounts receivables over 30 years ago. They took advantage of their assets and factored their accounts receivable invoices during a growth phase. Thanks to that financial decision and a decade of hard work, their business flourished and was sold for a considerable profit.

Having been at the same crossroad of financial decision making as your company is at today is the primary reason that Universal Funding is going to be the best factoring company that you will research. We want you to know exactly who we are and how we do business. In turn, we’d like to get to know you and how we can best fulfill your business needs.
If you are in need of capital, why wait for 30, 60, or 90 days, to get your invoices paid, when you can leverage our flexible factoring solutions to keep your business flowing and growing!

To find out more call us to speak with one of our Factoring Specialist at 1-800-901-2418, or get a rate today!

Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies

When comparing accounts receivable factoring companies, there are plenty of details to focus on. While it is easy to believe that all companies are the same, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our goal is simple: to provide clients with the best possible experience, including competitive factoring rates as well as the best customer service in the industry.

We know that prospective clients are most interested in the lowest possible invoice factoring rate. For this reason, we make sure our rates are always industry competitive. On top of this, we can and will adjust our rates based on the reliability of the client and the customers they serve.

Those who are comparing multiple accounts receivable factoring companies should focus strongly on the customer service, as well as the provider’s overall reputation.   At Universal Funding, you will work with a Factoring Specialist to assess your company’s situation and once you are approved you will be assigned an Account Representative that will work to ensure that your records are accurate and secure.

We provide an entire accounts receivable management program where you will be able to submit your invoices electronically and be able to review reports securely online.  If there are ever any questions, you will be able to reach a dedicated individual to handle your inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choosing to work with an accounts receivable factoring company is a big decision that will change an organization’s financial situation over both the short and long term. This is why making the right choice the first time around is crucial.

If you have any questions about accounts receivable factoring companies, including why we are known as one of the top providers in the industry, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Please call 1-800-405-6035 or click here to fill out a rate form, and one of our Factoring Specialists will follow up with you.

Three Traits of the Best Invoice Factoring Companies

When searching for the best invoice factoring companies there will be many details and qualities that may blur the decision making process. Since this is such a big financial decision, making the wrong choice could have a negative impact on your company. For this reason, it is essential to not only compare the companies that offer factoring services but to make a decision based on the three critical traits that Universal Funding has outlined below:


Make sure the invoice factoring companies you are researching offer low rates. This ensures that you get the money you need without spending too much in the long run. Universal Funding keeps our rates are low so you get the most out of your accounts receivables.


Some invoice factoring companies have stricter terms and conditions than others. Their procedures slow down the process of you getting your cash when you need it.  Once you are approved with Universal Funding, you can have cash in hand in a matter of hours.


Finding an invoice factoring company that will customize your plan to suit the needs of your organization may be hard to come by. Every company and industry is different, so here at Universal Funding, we make it a point to provide you personalized service to fit your specific needs.

These are just some of the key traits that the best invoice factoring companies share. When choosing to work with Universal Funding, you can be assured that you will be in good hands throughout the entire invoice factoring process. For more information please call 1-800-405-6035 or click here to fill out a rate form, and one of our Factoring Specialists will follow up with you.

Factoring Receivables = Fast Financing Solution

Factoring Receivables to Get Cash This Week

When disaster strikes your company or an awesome opportunity raises its head, you may need more cash quickly than you have available.  Sure you could go to a bank and get a loan.  And they may very well give you the money, but what are you going to put up for collateral?   Even if you do have the collateral, do you really want to risk that company asset?   And what interest rate will that bank charge you?  That interest rate alone could make the whole idea bad.

But wait.  You already have a valuable asset that’s not doing you a lick of good right now and that’s your accounts receivables, i.e. sales that you’ve made and delivered, but not received the money.

That’s where a first rate factoring receivables company like Universal Funding can save the day.  Depending on the amount of cash you are in need of, the purpose you need the cash, or why you are choosing to turn to a factoring receivables company to purchase your accounts via the factoring receivables process, Universal Funding is a company that you can rely upon.

The Process of Factoring Receivables

The process of factoring receivables is one where a business sells its accounts receivables, to a third party like Universal Funding, in exchange for cash often within a matter of days. If your company needs cash right away and wants to work with a well-known, reliable, and powerful company that is skilled at these transaction types, Universal Funding is the company to turn to.

In addition to charging the lowest fees on your receivables, Universal Funding is also going to ensure that you get the full amount in cash, often within days of the sales transaction taking place.

For more information and free quote, please contact Universal Funding at (800) 769-0054

Factoring Companies – Tools of the Trade

To get ahead in this economy you need to use the right tools.  An invoice factoring company may be the best tool to help your business grow and prosper. These are companies that you can sell your accounts receivable to, so that you can quickly assume the profits on goods and services you have already provided to your customers.   There are numerous benefits to invoice factoring. The most significant benefits are the increased cash flow and no new debt is incurred with this financing option.

Invoice factoring almost always results in an immediate boost for small businesses and it’s a great way to eliminate cash flow shortages while waiting for your invoices to come to term. It also results in a significant reduction in bad debt, allowing you pay off lines of credit, vendors, and overhead costs quicker. Using a factoring company as a financial tool will rejuvenate your business from the ground up. Factoring companies provide much-needed services for small businesses and large corporations that have become overwhelmed with the number of slow paying invoices they have for their clients.

If your company is struggling month to month, a factoring company can help you reorganize your finances, so that your business can run more efficiently. They bring confidence, experience, and assurance to the table, when you need it most. Universal Funding stands apart from other factoring companies because of our personalized programs and low rates.  We want to be the first tool you reach for in your business’ toolbox.

If you would like to learn more call  1-800-856-7014 to speak with one of our Business Development associates or get your rate today!

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