Asset Based Financing – The Universal Difference

Asset-Based Lending & Financing

Some company owners and managers are misinformed that getting asset-based financing is time-consuming and complicated. When looking at companies in the factoring industry you will find some truth in those beliefs, but we’ll show you how Universal Funding is different. There are more than a few factoring companies offering asset-based financing who require reams of paperwork, which takes a lot of time to complete and process.  Typically these service providers are tied to a larger lending conglomerate with a time-consuming approval process. The good news is Universal Funding Corporation has taken the hassle out of applying for asset-based financing because we are a stand-alone financial entity.   We have the flexibility to make fast approvals that others do not and can come to a  decision while others are drowning in paperwork.

Businesses that work with Universal Funding for their asset-based financing needs are often impressed to see that Universal has a simple, one-page application form. Their application, along with a few other documents such as DBA, Articles of Incorporation and a sample invoice are often all that is needed to get the asset based financing ball rolling. Approval can occur in about 48 hours when all of the proper documentation is submitted. What could be easier?

When it comes to applying for asset-based financing, Universal Funding believes that timeliness is a value-added service they can provide. Your time is as valuable as your finances, so our streamlined process will let you focus on running your business instead of lengthy paperwork.  Why make applying for asset-based financing more complicated that it needs to be? We understand that when a business needs asset-based financing, they need access to those resources fast. By streamlining the asset based financing application process, Universal Funding is able to provide the financial assistance businesses need much more quickly.

The Sale of Accounts Receivable – A.K.A. Invoice Factoring

Are you thinking about initiating the sale of some or all of your company’s accounts receivable? Even if you aren’t struggling financially,  payroll and making payments to vendors can be put into a crunch if your customers are extending the terms on their payments.  It is a relief to know you always have the option to sell your A/R and receive immediate financing for these invoices.

Invoice factoring has become a common business practice and many of your customers may already be used working with factor companies.We understand that your customers are the most valuable key to your business and when we communicate with them it is respectfully designed to protect your good will.  We create a financing program that is seamless for you and your customers.

If your business is feeling the strain because you have customers that have yet to pay on their invoices, now is the time to take action to keep the business from falling behind financially. We help businesses of all sizes sell their accounts receivable and get out from the grips of debt, high interest rates, late payments, and stress. The funding services we offer at Universal Funding work similar to a bank loan, except that we can offer faster approval, quicker funding, and lower rates.

Minimize how your cash flow and company are affected when customers are slow to make their payments through the sale of your accounts receivable.

Increase Revenue with Accounts Receivable Factoring

Is your business in a difficult situation financially and you are wondering what accounts receivables factoring could do for you? Accounts receivable factoring is a financing program that can provide you with immediate cash so that you can invest in your business, pay your employees, and keep your business progressing in the right direction.

Debt-Free Financing

If your A/R is mismanaged or aging and you are worried about bankruptcy even though your orders and output are consistent, accounts receivables factoring is a solution that will keep your business afloat financially and even help to propel you ahead.  Universal Funding can provide you with this debt-free financing program that will help you realize profits.

We help businesses keep their companies alive by providing a fast cash flow solution so that they won’t fall victim to losing their hopes and dreams. Essentially, we buy your accounts receivable for the services and products you have already delivered to your customers and provide you with an advance for up to 90% of the value of the invoices. Processing all of the invoices and maintaining your customer payment cycle for your company is what we specialize in.  Once payment is submitted by your customers, we refund the remaining amount back to you less our factoring rate, which starts as low as 0.55%.  You get access to instant funding which allows you to make payroll, invest in growth, update inventory and put your resources toward expansion rather than churning in a cycle of cash flow shortages.

Sell Invoices for Financial Stability

Are you thinking about initiating a sale of your accounts receivable for your business? If you are stretched financially with payroll pending and your customers are late on payments, you always have the option to sell your invoices for immediate financing. More and more companies expect extended invoicing terms or are slow to pay, which puts a strain on how your business operates.  We offer a financing program so that your customers can remain healthy prospects for the future and you get paid immediately for the products and services you provide.

Being able to sell your business’ accounts receivable is an option that is always on the table. We offer a fast turnaround for factoring approval and can begin funding within hours of approving your invoices.   You will receive up to 90% of the face value of the invoices so that you can pay off vendors, make payroll,  or cover other overhead expenses.

We help businesses of all sizes, in a variety of industries, sell their invoices to get out from the grips of debt. Just because your customers have fallen behind in their payments it doesn’t mean that your business needs to be affected. Universal Funding  can offer the financial stability that you seek.

Asset Based Financing to Grow Your Business

If you have open invoices, take advantage of Universal Funding’s asset based financing programs. Your unpaid invoices, or accounts receivables, are a valuable asset for your business. We offer customized accounts receivable financing solutions that are faster, cheaper, and debt –free compared to typical bank loans.

With over 65 years of combined experience helping businesses with our personalized capital funding programs, we are the experts in the factoring industry.  Our asset based financing program can help your business meet various cash flow needs for necessities such as meeting payroll obligations or to build up inventory to meet your customers’ demand.

There are many advantages to using your account receivables as assets for funding. This type of financing is increasingly becoming the choice for companies going through a growth phase in this economic recovery.  It provides funding much faster than applying for a loan through a banking institution, and it can be tailored to your specific needs without restrictions on how your money is spent.

If you think asset based financing will fit your needs, call us at 1-800-405-6035 or click here to submit a rate form and one of our Business Development professionals will follow-up with you.

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