Are You Currently Using Invoice Factoring Services?

Refer your customers to speed up payment cycles, reduce fees, and earn a discount

If your company has already experienced the benefits of financing receivables, you’ve probably experienced a moment of relief because cash flow issues have been resolved. You’ve been given the opportunity to get current with paying taxes, paying vendors, paying insurance, and making payroll. Invoice factoring also opens a door of possibility for real business growth. Growth that goes beyond getting caught up on bills. Growth that means taking on bigger projects, bigger quantities, bigger volume, and bigger profits.

At Universal Funding we get clients who experience this growth and become cheerleaders of our organization and our financing receivables programs. They refer their network to use our invoice factoring services. Their friends’ companies, their brothers and sisters’ businesses, and even their clients. That’s right; they send their clients to us, which is the highest praise we can receive.

Ultimately companies don’t want to lose business; they want to retain customers and earn new ones. When our clients see that their customers are showing the early signs of struggle like becoming slower with payments, requesting extend terms, and reducing orders they send them our way. They know our invoice factoring services can help resolve some of the issues they may be facing and in turn, they retain a financially health customer.

Additional benefits that Universal Funding clients experience when they refer their customers to us is that they earn a discount in our services and they tend to experience reduced fees as a result of their invoices being paid on schedule. If you’re satisfied with your invoice factoring program and are looking for a way to boost the results give Universal Funding a call today at 1-800-405-6035.

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