A/R Insurance – How We Top Other Factoring Companies

Commercial lenders of all sizes are used to working with credit insurance companies.  The typical business owner or CFO may not have experience working with credit insurance companies to get A/R insurance.  So why is it that most other factoring companies expect their clients to obtain their own policies??

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At Universal Funding, we carry the full insurance policy for our clients. We spend our time providing these services and obtaining the necessary policies because we have the know-how and the relationships with the policy providers.  It doesn’t make sense for you to conduct research, maneuver your way around the language, and spend time filling out paperwork.

We understand the lingo and the policy as A/R insurance plays a significant role to our business.   Most other factoring companies make their clients obtain their own policy.  This means the client has to take time to research, fill out paperwork, manage the policy and submit claims if needed.  We build this service into our factoring programs; we do all the legwork and at an extremely discounted price.  This frees up your valuable time to be working on projects that make money rather than spend money.

This value added service is one way our expertise and knowledge sets us apart from other factoring companies in the industry.  Our executive management team has over 65 years of combined experience in the factoring industry.  Our goal is to structure a specialized program that maximizes your cash flow and minimizes your risk.


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