AR Financing for Cash Flow Shortages

As a small business owner, you may have first-hand knowledge of the struggle to attain capital to finance growth or meet seasonal cash flow shortages. When traditional financing options, such as loans and credit are limited, some business owners will turn to AR financing, Accounts receivable financing provides businesses with fast and simple access to working capital to push you past the obstacle you are facing.

Accounts receivable financing is the selling of invoices or receivables to a factoring company that provides a 70-95% advance on the value of the receivables.  This process is also known as AR factoring or AR funding.  You can use your assets to resume business as usual while the factor waits for your customers to pay on the invoices terms.

This type of financing solution helps companies free up capital that is stuck in accounts receivables. Your time and money are no longer restricted to the 30-90 terms on your invoices and you can move forward with productive business activities.  You will have access your profits quicker each month and will be able to invest back into your company in the form of raw materials, equipment, payroll, etc.

Factoring Invoices – A Quick Solution to Cash Flow

If you have any interest in factoring invoices you have come to the right place. At Universal Funding Corporation, we work with some of the largest companies in the world spanning a variety of industries. Of course, we also have many small and medium sized business clients that are the backbone of the American economy.

When it comes time to finding a company that offers invoice factoring services, there are several important details to focus on.  Search for a provider that offers customized factoring solutions. After all, no two companies and circumstances are the same. For this reason, it is essential to choose a factoring company that is willing to offer a customized plan regardless of size, industry, and volume.

There is no reason to wait 30 days or longer to get your invoices paid. Instead, you can use your invoices and get the money you need by relying on our flexible factoring solutions.  Universal Funding can discuss your situation and determine if factoring invoices is the best solution that could benefit your company. We are more than happy to provide you with a customized plan for the future success of your business.

Don’t Roll the Dice When You Sell Your Invoices

Are your slow paying customers inhibiting your business growth? Are banks unwilling to give you a traditional loan or line of credit? Factoring services with Universal Funding  gets you funding quickly for your unpaid invoices.

Having limited funding can make it difficult for your business to purchase inventory, pay for operational expenses or make payroll. These problems could create major setbacks for your business if not solved quickly. Factoring by selling your invoices, can give you the financing you need without incurring debt.  Now that you have a solution, you shouldn’t just roll the dice when deciding which factoring company to partner with.

Universal Funding can provide factoring solutions and the working capital you need to keep your business alive and thriving. Universal’s factoring application can be completed in just a few minutes. Approval can happen in as quickly as two business days. Once you’re approved and your account is set up, funding can be as quick as two hours after submitting your invoices.

One of the ways we do things differently than other factoring companies is that we anticipate your company’s growth; therefore your line of capital can grow with you. Our flexibility allows opportunities for more working capital as the need arises.

Receivables Factoring for a Prosperous Future

Receivables factoring is a very important tool for small and large businesses alike. Account receivables factoring allows your company to get organized and financially stable by hiring a factoring company to factor your invoices. Invoices that you have sent to customers that may have 30-90 day terms have a net value that can be substantially higher than you would expect.

There are many factoring companies out there that are willing to purchase invoices from you, but only a top notch financing firm will offer a well-rounded program that offers additional services rather than just factoring invoices. Universal Funding offers tailored receivables factoring programs that include on-demand reporting, credit management, and merchant account services.   We deliver cash into your hands so that you can make investments that will help your business with forward progress.

When you need immediate money, receivables financing is a great solution that provides fast cash and the opportunity for growth. It can take an incredible amount of time to process company invoices and track down customers that currently owe money to you. Receivables factoring allows you to let the experts streamline this process altogether.

To determine the lowest possible rates please call 1-800-405-6035 or fill out a rate form, and one of our Business Development professionals will follow-up with you.


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