What Is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts receivable financing has rapidly become one of the top choices for businesses that are looking to maximize cash flow as much as possible. While this is a common goal in just about every business, many face the challenge of building enough revenue stream to expand and stabilize their operations… And if they are unable to improve cash flow, chances are likely that they’ll fail.

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Accounts Receivable Financing is the Same as Invoice Factoring

Factoring invoices offers a different, but useful, way to deal with the problems of cash flow when companies need it the most. The primary goal is to allow money to remain liquid, rather than have it tied up in a variety of purchases and debts. This useful financial solution is ideal for companies of all sizes in a range of industries who don’t want to acquire debt and have exhausted traditional lending methods.

Each factoring plan is designed to meet the needs of a particular business. While a one-model-fits-all approach may be standard for other factoring companies, it’s not our personal philosophy at Universal Funding.  We look to the climate of your industry, your particular customers, and anticipated growth.  With those variables in mind lock in high advance rates that put the majority of the funds back in your hands. We also determine the lowest factoring rate to reduce your overall coast for the transaction. This way we provide the maximum benefit to your company and ensure a steady flow of revenue.

When businesses need to turn their receipts into cash, financing their A/R is the optimal solution. If you would like to learn more about this financial option,   fill out a rate form today!  One of our Business Development Associates will review your rate request and give you call to discuss your options.