Accounts Receivable Financing- The Way to Fuel Your Company’s Growth

Accounts receivable financing is an incredibly versatile and useful way for companies of all shapes and sizes to obtain the working capital they need to run their day to day operations, expand, or purchase new equipment. An accounts receivable factoring company will offer to purchase a company’s outstanding invoices, both current and aged, in exchange for a discounted face value.

In general, the more current the invoice is, the more a factoring company will pay for it. This partnership allows the business to offload invoices that may either be overdue thanks to a defaulted customer or use future cash to fund current needs. Because this is not a loan, there is no need for a company to repay the advance, preserving future cash flows as well as providing near instant access to cash to deal with current business needs. Qualifying is simple and approval is fast! Because your credit is not the only factor that is considered for approval, even if you’ve had trouble qualifying for other forms of funding, your business may qualify for accounts receivable financing.

Depending on the needs of your business, accounts receivable financing may be the fastest way to raise the capital you need to fund current business needs, whether it be day to day operations or plans for future expansion.

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