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Are you disappointed in the financing options out there? Have you maxed out your line of credit with banks or other funding sources and still need access to cash?

Our mission is to provide fast financing, exceptional services, low rates, and the capital you need to manage your business. We bridge the gap between invoicing and payment with immediate cash. We are a team of real people addressing real problems and providing real solutions.

Kyle Bergstedt

I work closely with all aspects of Universal, along with a significant portion of our clientele. I have experience working on tax issues with the IRS and multiple areas of finance (capital budgeting, economic planning and evaluation)…

Monica Wozow
Principal and Corporate Secretary

My goal at Universal Funding Corporation is to make the funding experience for each prospective client as enjoyable as possible. The knowledge I have in our industry and in every facet of our business allows me to achieve the highest standard of financing for my clients.

Crystal Lowell
Credit Manager

In addition to representing our clients and facilitating the progress of their factoring programs, Crystal assists and supports our staff in all departments.

Kathleen Anderson
Collections Specialist

Kathleen has over 30 years of experience working with accounts receivable along with an extensive customer service background. Originally from Cottonwood, ID, she has lived her entire adult life in Spokane.

Alyssa Akins

Alyssa joined the Universal family in late 2011 and has already found her place as an underwriter. She uses her background having worked within the court system and her internship at the public defender’s office to ensure that all of our new clients will be a good addition to UFC.

Diane Paul
Account Executive

I grew up in Spokane. Attended the University of Washington in Seattle earning my BS degree – go huskies! After realizing it really does rain all the time in Seattle I moved back to Spokane. I hired on with Seafirst Bank out of college and after many mergers I retired from Bank of America after working there for 32 years.

Domenique Peters

Domenique Peters
Senior Account Executive

Angie Lumia

Angie Lumia Collections Specialist

After leaving a career in newspaper production, Angie spent 17 years in customer service. Handling everything from customer inquiries and account resolution to accounts receivable collections. Her focus is and always has been customer satisfaction.

Ryan McCrery
VP of Business Development

First off, thank you for continuing on and learning more about me personally. Speaking directly with each business owner allows me to reveal one of my best attributes, and that’s being real.

Deron Nicholson
Principal and Vice President

I’ve learned that there is no set standard as to how a company is organized. Yes, there are the expected internal responsibilities as an Officer, but what I want to express here is what I feel would be of greater interest to you.

Michelle Massie
Administrative Assistant

Michelle is an essential member of the Universal Funding team and has many years of administrative experience. Her hard work, persistence and drive along with cheerful attitude make her a great addition to our team as well as a first point of contact for our clients.

Heather Burford
Marketing Manager

Heather is an experienced marketing communications manager who received her B.A. in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University in 2000. In the Marketing Manager role, Heather oversees all SEM and social media strategies, working in tandem with her vendors on a daily basis.

Jessica Barker

Jessica Barker

Jessica is a great addition to the underwriting team and enjoys being introduced to business owners from across the country and hearing their unique stories. This is one of the many reasons she loves being part of the team at Universal.

Rachel Speer

Rachel Speer
Account Executive

Joining the team as an Account Executive in 2016, Rachel’s sales, marketing, and accounting background combined with experience working with companies large and small provides her the flexibility and understanding to meet the needs of clients she serves at Universal Funding.

Justin Galloway Auxiliary Controller

Justin holds double Baccalaureate degrees from the University of Washington. He has over ten years of experience in administration and accounting functions at UW where he reached the level of Budget Analyst for the Particle Theory Group before relocating back to Spokane.

Henry Wozow
Principal and CEO

Time and again, small to medium-sized business owners come to me with the same problem-cash flow. Often, they are a thriving business with no shortage of revenues, but their money is tied up in accounts receivable.

Jeff Kinservik
Vice President of Sales

Listening to our prospective clients is how Jeff is able to gain an understanding of their financial needs and introduce the right factoring program. With a very calm and comfortable manner, he handles each and every situation with ease.

Patrick Presley
Business Development

Patrick Presley is focused on expanding Universal’s commercial banking relationship base, as well as managing the growing presence of Universal’s referral program in key markets. Brokers, ISOs, and CPAs are welcome to work with Pat in getting their customers the financing they need.

Curtis Frye
Chief Financial Officer

Curtis was named the Chief Financial Officer at Universal in February 2014. He proudly serves primarily to oversee and ensure sound financial reporting practices within the organization.

Jordan Hestness
Director of Operations

Jordan is involved in all  daily operations at Universal Funding and has been with the company almost 10 years. He oversees internal employee relations, sales management and marketing operations.

BA Business Administration, Double Major in Finance and Marketing from Gonzaga University

Kim Boyle
Account Executive

Joining our staff with many years of experience in accounting and finance, Kim brings a cheerful and helpful attitude to work each day. With degrees in both Business and Paralegal studies, she has worked a variety of jobs in the Spokane area and loves to learn new things.

Chari Cozza

Charlena CozzaAccount Executive

As an account executive, Charli is happy to be assisting her clients with any of their factoring needs and enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with each of them.

Tyson Goss

Tyson Goss
In-House Counsel

As corporate counsel for Universal Funding, my focus is on all legal aspects of the corporation, ensuring that Universal Funding is current with laws and regulations.

Our company has TRIPLED in growth since we became partners with Universal Funding and we anticipate doing business with Universal for many years to come.


Every one of the team members at Universal Funding went out of their way and owned MY problem. I appreciate everything they did for me.


Business is more than just numbers

It’s time to look at a private funding source that has funded over 1000 businesses over the past 20 years. We believe your business deserves more than just an algorithm to determine if your company can be approved for financing.

Business is more than just numbers: there is history, there are customer relationships, there are employees and families to support. We take the time learn about your business to get the full scope of your history, your successes and your challenges.

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