A Full Service Factoring Company

There are many invoice factoring companies from which to choose. So, how do you make that important choice?

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Well, you could pick the factoring company offering the lowest rate. You could pick the biggest. You could pick the oldest. You could pick the one with the best reputation. Or you could pick one that has a combination of all of those attributes.

Might I suggest that you pick one that is willing to work with you as a “complete” financial partner?

For instance: If the accounting system for your business is a cash basis, most factoring companies will tell you to go hire an accountant.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your factoring company sat down with you and not only “told” you how to make the change, but actually “helped” you to make that change? I think you’ll agree, this is a factoring company that goes above and beyond”.

This is what Universal Funding does for our clients. Not only do we have some of the best rates that you’ll find anywhere, but we also provide additional services for our clients, at no extra charge.

Not only do we factor invoices and provide financing for our clients, we also work out accounting issues and mitigate credit risk from their customers. Here are just a few services that Universal Funding provides its customers at no extra charge:

1. Full debtor credit report access through our preferred account at Experian
2. Access to discuss debtor credits, payment trends with our on-site Credit Administrator
3. Access to our Global Accounts Receivable Insurance Policy with Euler Hermes North America
4. Tax and work out assistance
5. Financial reporting assistance with our in-house CPA, and
6. Reconciliation assistance with our trained Account Executives

If you‘re looking for a factoring company with low rates, an established business and reputation, and also does more than just factoring then contact Universal Funding today at 1-800-405-6035

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