A Factoring Company’s Year In Review

Universal Funding’s 2015 Year in Review

In 2015 Universal Funding grew by an impressive 14.5%.  What does that look like?  That means that 130 clients submitted over 63,000 invoices to be factored.  In turn, Universal financed over $164,000,000 dollars for our clients.  That’s an increase of 14.5% more than what was funded in 2014.

growth chart

Additionally, 42 new clients were added throughout the year.  A testament that Universal Funding provides superior customer service is that many of our new clients came via referrals from existing clients.

So, why are our clients so happy?  Well that’s primarily because we carefully underwrite each applicant to determine that Universal can provide an exceptional job.

And when we conclude that our services are not the best fit for a potential client, we will find other funding sources that are better suited to their needs.  So, even though Universal Funding financed 42 new clients in 2015, we also found financing solutions for over 50 companies through our preferred business financing referral network. This allowed those businesses to get over $28,000,000 dollars in financing.

Universal Funding wants the best for our clients, and any company that is seeking out our factoring services.  That’s why growth comes so easy; we take care of good people and good businesses.

If your company has the opportunity to grow by 14% in 2016 and financing is the issue standing in the way of achieving that goal, call Universal Funding.  If we aren’t able to provide invoice factoring services, we will find another source that can.  Call 1-800-405-6035 or fill out a rate form to get started today.

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