• How Invoice Factoring Eases the Top 3 Concerns for CFOs October 09th, 2015 5:19 pm

    Today’s CFO are faced with the challenge of driving top-line growth while facing higher fixed costs, international competition, and pricing pressures. In a recent survey conducted by Robert Half & Associates the 3 top concerns for CFO’s are:

    • Healthcare Costs
    • Controlling Spending
    • Staff Morale


    The Affordable Healthcare Act exasperated the expense for businesses that still choose to provide employee benefits. CFO’s are charged with controlling spending and increasing profitability, and it’s hard to remain profitable when an overhead operating expense is affected by government decision making.

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  • Oil & Gas Factoring Receivables October 08th, 2015 4:41 pm

    If your company is dependent on the oil industry in the United States, chances are you have to wait 30-90 days to get paid on your invoices. Let’s take a look at how oil and gas invoice financing provides a quick cash flow solution.

    oil field factoring

    Meet Pete a dedicated oil field business owner and roustabout who provides a wide range of services including excavating, tubing, ditch digging, drilling, swabbing, hot oil, fracking, hauling, and other services to the oil and gas companies. Continue reading →

  • Factoring Receivables Broker – Earn The Highest Commission October 08th, 2015 4:40 pm

    If you’re a CPA, financial planner, banker, or business consultant how would you like to earn some residual income every month by helping just one of your existing customers?

    As you know, cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Yet, there are times, when there just isn’t enough cash to cover all of the expenses. Universal Funding has a financial solution that can help the businesses in your network AND can help you earn commission.

    invoice factoring network

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  • Receivables Financing Programs for Staffing Companies October 08th, 2015 4:39 pm

    Receivables Financing Programs for Staffing Companies
    If you are a staffing company, you know that making payroll is one of the more significant challenges facing your industry. You are probably familiar with the scenario where you need to pay temporary and contract employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but the companies that you are contracted with typically pay you in 30-60 days. This leaves a substantial gap from the time you made payment to your staffing resources to when you get paid for providing those services.
    Looking at recent stats affecting the staffing industry, Globe Newswire reported in June of 2013, that U.S. Staffing companies employed an average of 2.86 million temporary and contract workers per day in the first quarter 2013, up 2.9% from the same period last year, according to the American Staffing Association.
    “Temporary and contract employment is a good indicator of where the economy is today,” says Richard Wahlquist, American Staffing Association President and CEO. “Most staffing firms expect to see slow but steady growth in the months ahead.”
    While the economic outlook for the staffing industry is promising, this only means your staffing agency will be putting more money out each month creating a further strain on cash flow. Universal Funding specializes in receivables financing programs that address the issues that are specific to the staffing industry. Let our team customize a financing solution by factoring receivables so you can address the lag issue created by payment terms.
    Once you are approved through our quick application process, this is how the funding process works:
    • You provide staffing services
    • Invoice your customers with the 30-90 day terms agreed upon
    • Send those invoices to Universal Funding
    • Universal Funding advances you 70 to 90% of the invoice amounts within a matter of hours.
    • Universal Funding waits out the terms of the invoices to receive payment
    • You receive the reserve balance less the small factoring fee once your customer makes payment
    To start your receivables financing program call Universal Funding today at (800) 405-6035.

  • How does PO financing work? October 08th, 2015 4:39 pm

    How does Purchase Order Financing work?
    Imagine receiving a PO from your best customer for goods that you don’t have in stock. You need to either manufacture the product or purchase it from someone else. But you don’t have the money to do either. What are you going to do? If you decline to take on the new order, you risk your customer finding a new vendor, which could lose a long term earning opportunity for your company.
    Universal Funding’s solution to this cash flow dilemma is “Purchase Order Financing”. PO Financing is a short-term financing method used to cover the cost of manufacturing or purchasing goods that have been pre-sold through a Purchase Order.
    STEP ONE: Your customer places a large order with you and provides you with a purchase order
    STEP TWO: The purchase order becomes your collateral and we advance you the funds – up to 100% of your supplier expenses
    STEP THREE: We issue a Letter of Credit or other form of guaranteed payment directly to your supplier.
    STEP FOUR: The supplier ships the goods you are reselling to your customer, who, upon receipt, makes payment to Universal Funding.
    STEP FIVE: We remit payment to you less our minor financing fee.
    Now, the order has been fulfilled, without taking on more debt and you earn the profits instead of having to turn down the business.
    The advantage of PO Financing is that it’s much faster than traditional financing and it’s your customer’s credit worthiness that is considered, not yours.
    Additionally, PO Financing is not new to the business world. It’s a very commonly used tool for many businesses in a variety of industries
    To learn more about putting either purchase order financing or invoice factoring to work for your company, request a free consultation with one of Universal Funding’s Business Development specialists today.

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  • How does invoice factoring work? October 08th, 2015 4:36 pm

    So, how does factoring receivables work?…

    Let’s suppose that you’ve sold your product or service to a customer and extended them net 30 or even net 90 payment terms. Your suppliers still want cash on delivery or net 30 and you don’t have the cash flow to pay your suppliers AND your utilities AND your payroll simultaneously.

    What are you going do?

    The easiest way to free up cash flow is to sell your receivables. This allows for immediate access to working capital.

    As an example, your customers owe you $100,000. So, you’re sitting on receivables worth $100,000 but have no cash in the bank. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could tap into that asset?

    Well that’s exactly what factoring receivables is all about.

    Now, you might be able to go to a bank, but that’s going to take weeks or even months; time that you may not have. On the other hand, you could go to a factoring receivables company like Universal Funding, who will turn your invoices into cash, in just a matter of hours, and at fees lower than other types of financing.

    Here’s how it works.

    1. You submit a quick application with Universal Funding, who will typically notify you of approval in a day or two.
    2. You send copies of the invoices that you want Universal Funding to advance against.
    3. Universal Funding wires you 80-90% of the value invoices total within 24 hours.
    4. Your customer then remits payment directly to Universal Funding.
    5. Universal Funding wires you the balance, minus a small fee.
    6. Wash and repeat.

    Factoring receivables has been around for centuries and is used worldwide with factoring receivables volumes in the United States at over $2 trillion in 2012.

    To improve your cash flow, quickly and easily, contact Universal Funding at (800) 405-6035.

  • Account Receivables Financing For A Printing or Publishing Company October 08th, 2015 4:35 pm

    Printer Account Receivables Financing…

    InWest Printing, Inc. opened their doors for business in 1997 and learned quickly the “feast or famine” nature of cash flows in the printing industry. Within the first year they spent their start-up capital, but managed to secure contracts to print all of the ER forms for 92 hospitals. The future looked very bright, but the glaring problem was a serious lack of cash flow.
    Printing carbonless ER admission forms was a complex and expensive process, so InWest knew they had to run as big of a printing batch as possible. An additional complication, was that the hospitals had no place to store pallets of forms, so they required monthly drop shipments and 70 day terms for each invoice. To get the deal, InWest agreed to the terms.
    The cost to run the first one million ER forms was roughly $150,000, which was $145,000 more cash than what they had, and they wouldn’t receive their first customer payment until 70 days after delivery. InWest needed cash and they needed it fast.
    After being denied a bank loan, Universal Funding, a receivables financing and purchase order financing company, created a program to provide the cash necessary to get the paper rolling.
    With Universal Funding’s help, InWest quickly gained access to cash equaling 80% of the value of their invoices and were able to fund printing, inventory, and deliver of the forms; all without having to wait for the hospitals to pay 2 months down the road and without a dime of debt.
    For two years, Universal Funding paid InWest’s suppliers, which allowed them to grow their profits to a point in which their cash flow was no longer a problem and they were no longer dependent on factoring their invoices.
    If your printing company is in need of a cash infusion, please call Universal Funding at (800) 405-6035.
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  • How Does Invoice Factoring Create Cash Flow? October 08th, 2015 4:34 pm… Factoring Invoices

    So, how does Factoring Invoices create cash flow for businesses? Invoice Factoring or Factoring Invoices is all about turning your accounts receivable invoices into cash. The process takes just a few days.

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  • Why Trucking Fleets Turn to Factoring Companies for Their Cash Flow Needs October 08th, 2015 4:33 pm


    Make no mistake; the trucking industry keeps our country moving forward. Without it, there would be no fuel in our gas stations and no food on our grocery store shelves.
    However, the companies who use your transportation services can make you wait for months on end before sending payment. This makes it extraordinarily difficult for trucking companies like yours to pay their drivers on time and buy fuel for their next haul.
    If you operate a large fleet, a small fleet, a mini fleet, or are an owner operator; as long as you invoice at least $7,000 per week, we can help.
    Due to the nature of payment cycles in your industry, you’ve probably heard of other drivers and owners talking about invoice factoring. Sign up for our factoring services and join the thousands of trucking companies that never worry about getting paid for the loads they haul.

    When you partner with Universal Funding to manage your accounts receivables you will:
    • build a relationship with a dedicated factoring expert

    • be able to submit invoices electronically, and

    • Have access to On-demand reporting from anywhere

    Our goal is to make your fleet more profitable by allowing you to focus on your loads and the road. This fast financing solution allows you to take on more business because it keeps your cash flow positive so that you don’t have to turn down a load while waiting to receive payment from a job you did two months ago.
    Universal Funding will buy your invoices for immediate cash, which you can use to keep your business, and our country, running.
    Call us at 1-800-405-6035 if you are ready to start working with the best factoring company in the States. One of our transportation factoring specialists will walk you through our process.

  • Factoring for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry October 08th, 2015 4:32 pm

    Factoring for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

    As a wholesale distributor, your job is to move a product from manufacturer to market.
    It’s the typical middle man role in the business-to-business realm; a position that can experience uneven cash flow month to month due to accounts receivable being tied up. You may not get paid until the product is sold to a consumer. You may have to do the unthinkable and turn down business because you’re waiting to get paid.
    Here’s an example of how one distributor used invoice factoring to shore up their cash flow, grow their business, and take on their biggest order yet.

    Peekaboo Prizes is a wholesaler of specialty gifts and souvenirs. Business was good for the first four years with monthly sales growing to the $80K range, and then suddenly things got a whole lot better. A major amusement park chain approached Peekaboo with a contract to stock all of their gift shops. Even though Peekaboo didn’t have the capital to fund an additional $95K in monthly orders, they needed this opportunity to grow the business to the next level.
    Peekaboo Prizes was able to come up with about $25k in cash, but it wasn’t enough to order the products from their manufacturer, who didn’t offer payment terms. A colleague suggested factoring their accounts receivable as a way to acquire the capital needed to fulfill the big order.
    With nearly $90K in unpaid accounts receivable, Peekaboo was able to factor enough invoices to receive a $72k cash advance from a factoring company and take on the account. The new contract increased their annual profits by 50% and helped build the infrastructure to handle large scale orders from other big clients.
    For more information on how Universal Funding can improve your cash flow and ensure the growth of your business visit our website at or call us at 1-800-405-6035.
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  • Why B2B Service Providers turn to Invoice Factoring Companies October 08th, 2015 4:31 pm

    Why B2B Service Providers turn to Invoice Factoring Companies

    Hello, My name is Scott and I own CPACS. We provide security services for retail clients.
    My largest and best client, for which I need invoice factoring; is a bit sensitive, needing to be handled with sensitive gloves from time to time. Unfortunately, my old factoring company continuingly called, emailed, FedExed, and pestered this critical client. Finally, the client wrote them a less than nice email, so my old factoring company dropped me, which left me with major cash flow issues!
    I subscribe to XM radio and heard an ad for Universal Funding, another factoring company, and thought what the heck. I submitted an inquiry with them and Andrew quickly responded. He fielded multiple daily calls from me and I could sense that he owned my problem.
    In fact, everyone at Universal Funding went out of their way, and owned MY problem. I will say it again, it was MY problem but everyone at Universal Funding made it their problem.
    Everyone I contacted at Universal Funding excelled at their job and went above and beyond what they had to do, starting with Andrew in Business Development. David also jumped in and helped drawing up legal compliance documents to get me funded quicker. Heather in accounting put up with multiple telephone calls as well and my account rep, Tina has been crucial to the process.
    The staff at Universal Funding is to be commended. I appreciate everything they did for me and I just wanted to let everyone know.
    If you’ve been left in the lurch by other factoring companies and are ready for a prosperous relationship with a great factoring company, then it’s time to call 1-800-405-6035 or visit
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  • How Invoice Factoring Helped a Security Consulting Firm October 08th, 2015 4:30 pm

    How Invoice Factoring Helped a Security Consulting Firm
    How Invoice Factoring Helped a Security Consulting Firm-A New Client Perspective
    Hello, my name is Scott and I own Sea-Packs. I am a small business owner that provides security services for retail clients. I subscribe to XM radio and heard the ad for another factoring company and thought what a great way to free up some of my capital. I went through their application process and was approved for their invoice factoring services.
    My largest client that I need factoring for is a bit sensitive and needs to be handled with sensitive gloves from time to time. After hearing her account on how my factoring company was continuingly calling her, emailing, and sending FedEx correspondence; I began to feel her reason for being irritated.
    She wrote them a less than nice email and they dropped me, which left me with no funding and major cash flow issues! So I then submitted an online inquiry with Universal Funding and Andrew responded.
    Everyone I came into contact with at Universal excelled at their job and went above and beyond what they had to do, starting with Andrew in Business Development.
    David jumped in and helped by drawing up legal compliance to get me funded quicker. The Credit Manager, Heather, put up with multiple telephone calls and my account rep has been crucial to the process. Every one of their team members went out of their way, and owned MY problem. I will say it again, it was MY problem but this team made it their problem and deserves recognition.
    I appreciate everything they did for me and I just wanted to let everyone know.

    If you’ve been left in the lurch by other factoring companies and are ready for a prosperous relationship with a great factoring company, then it’s time to call 1-800-405-6035 or visit
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  • Invoice Factoring in the North Dakota Oil Boom October 08th, 2015 4:28 pm

    Invoice Factoring in the North Dakota Oil Boom
    The two fastest booming industries in the United States right now are oil & gas and invoice factoring. The oil & gas industry has reaped “$290 billion in profits over the last four years,” according to Thomson Reuters. The factoring industry has been in existence since ancient times but has become a common resolution to companies’ finance needs in the past few decades.
    The sudden boom in the oil and gas industry is thanks to the development of a method to tap “the largest contiguous oil deposit in the lower 48 states. There are an estimated 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil in a deposit under parts of the Dakotas, Montana and Canada.
    Accounts receivable factoring has also experienced a recent boom due to the down economy and the need for alternative business finance methods. Factoring companies offer debt-free financing for B2B companies, especially those experiencing dramatic increases in demand for their products and services, such as those currently working the North Dakota oil patch. Universal Funding Corporation is a trusted funding source that has been around since before the current boom in the factoring industry.
    With high profits being enjoyed by many in the oil & gas industry, more businesses are scrambling to install crews of workers in North Dakota to get their piece of the pie. Starting a new operation or expanding into a new area requires a capital investment that many businesses don’t have access to on the turn of a dime. That’s where invoice factoring comes to their aid.
    If your business plays a part in the oil boom whether it is in staffing, communications, hauling, IT, engineering, or manufacturing and you would benefit from a consistent cash flow, accounts receivable financing might be your best solutions. Call 1-800-405-6035 or visit today!
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  • How Invoice Factoring Saved an Engineering Firm October 08th, 2015 4:27 pm

    How Invoice Factoring Saved an Engineering Firm
    Recently a large precision engineering company had enjoyed a period of phenomenal growth but soon that company faced the reality of that growth: a large tax demand was threatening to undermine all the success the company had recently achieved.
    It wasn’t that the company lacked financial resources to meet its tax expense; the funds were merely tied up in unpaid sales invoices. The company found the remedy through invoice factoring and was advanced 80% of its accounts receivable, which got the company immediate cash. This funding method, also known as factoring, allowed this engineering firm to get current with its taxes and continue its healthy scale of growth.
    Invoice factoring, unlike other forms of finance, is not a loan. The process does not create debt or add liability. What it will do is convert your company’s accounts receivable into immediate cash. Because you are not borrowing money, your credit rating is not a significant issue. This means if you are a young, growing company without an established track record, or if previous cash flow problems have tarnished your credit rating, you can still qualify for invoice factoring.
    Accounts receivable financing is a cash management tool that businesses use to build credit and steady cash flow. Invoice factoring companies allow businesses to remove credit limitations and extend terms they would normally not be able to handle. Factoring is one of the most flexible financing options and the only one that continually grows with your company. You are not limited to pre-approved credit lines, there is no waiting for loan committees, and you don’t have to go through a complicated and redundant loan application process as your volume increases.
    If your engineering company has experienced similar growing pains because of the lack of cash flow, call Universal Funding at 1-800-405-6035 or visit

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  • Banker Refers Staffing Company to Factoring Company for a Fast Financial Solution October 08th, 2015 4:27 pm

    Banker Refers Staffing Company to Factoring Company for a Fast Financial Solution

    Avenue B Staffing Services borrowed $100,000 from a local bank, as they had been in business for several years, had a healthy client list, and a very steady revenue stream. Upon learning that their biggest client had gone into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the owner realized the she was going to be unable to make the scheduled loan payments for the foreseeable future. Avenue B still had payroll to meet and a large quarterly tax bill due in a few weeks. The bank, while sympathetic, couldn’t lend her any more money, and were prepared to hand her off to their special assets department. The business banker remembered a presentation he had seen regarding Universal Funding Corporation, an accounts receivable financing company. Universal Funding stepped in and was able to factor all of the other open invoices, providing access to immediate cash that was tied up in the accounts receivables.
    Working with the bank, Universal Funding was able to establish a workable payment plan, help Avenue B Staffing meet payroll, pay taxes, and grow the business back to where it was before the major client went under. An added benefit that came out of working with Universal Funding was that Avenue B was able to evaluate existing and new customers’ credit to make sure they wouldn’t face that predicament again. By utilizing services that are a part of Universal’s standard credit processes, Avenue B would prevent the scenario from happening in the future. Avenue B continued to make their loan payment schedule with the bank, and in turn the bank kept the healthy business account open.
    As a banker you witness firsthand when your clients end up in these critical predicaments. Call us at 1-800-405-6035 or visit to experience a favorable outcome like Avenue B and their bank did!

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