How a Printer Solved His Cash Problem

The owner of InWest Printing, Inc. opened the doors for business in 2007 and learned quickly the “feast or famine” nature of cash flows in the printing industry.

Within the first year he had spent his start-up capital, but had managed to secure contracts to print all of the ER forms for many of the state’s hospitals. The future looked bright indeed, but the contract presented one glaring problem: a sudden and severe lack of cash.

As many printers know, printing carbon-less quintuplicate ER admission forms is a complex and expensive process, so the company knew it had to run as big of a batch as possible all at once. Adding another complication, the hospitals had no place to store pallets of forms, so they required monthly drop shipments and 70-day terms on each invoice. Since the customer is always right, InWest agreed to the terms.

The cost to run the first one million ER forms was roughly $150K, which turned out to be $145K or so more than the company had available. Plus it wouldn’t see its first payment until 70 days after the first delivery. To keep the account, InWest needed cash and needed it fast.

When the bank declined the company’s loan application due to no collateral, no credit history, and very little time in business, the banker suggested factoring receivables as an option.

Universal Funding created a program consisting of a combination of accounts receivable factoring and purchase order funding that provided the cash necessary to get the presses rolling.

InWest was able to fund its operations and print, store, and deliver the forms. It also was able to take on other jobs, all without having to wait for the hospitals to pay. The company had not borrowed the money,  so it had no debt and no payments.

In short order, the company had a reliable cash flow and a successful future.

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