Factoring Receivables Broker – Earn The Highest Commission

If you’re a CPA, financial planner, banker, or business consultant how would you like to earn some residual income every month by helping just one of your existing customers?

As you know, cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Yet, there are times, when there just isn’t enough cash to cover all of the expenses. Universal Funding has a financial solution that can help the businesses in your network AND can help you earn commission.

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As a business professional you can see the early signs of a company with cash flow issues. Even if orders and profits are up, coming up with the raw materials and payroll for staffing to increase production and attain substantial growth is an obstacle most businesses have trouble scaling.

Our factoring services financially support a business through this growth phase without having to make monthly payments or incur debt.

The renewable business asset we consider is a company’s invoices. Products have already been developed and delivered, but payment has yet to be made. Their accounts receivable are valuable and can easily be exchanged for funding, a process commonly called “factoring”.

So, how can this help you, the CPA, financial planner, banker, or business consultant? Identify clients who would benefit financially from invoice factoring, engage with Universal Funding by filling out a broker agreement form, consult with your clients, and submit a referral form back to Universal.

As one of the nation’s more established factoring companies, we are able to offer the highest factoring broker commission rates in the industry.  Once your referral becomes a funded client, you will receive 20% commission for the life of the deal.  We want to foster a long-term relationship with our brokers by providing a high level of service to your customers and a broker commission rate that can’t be ignored.

Additionally here’s a quick list of additional benefits and tools for our referral brokers:

  • 20% commission, for the lifetime of the deal
  • Easy to complete broker agreement
  • Easy form for referral submissions
  • Appointed Business Development professional
  • Fully transparent reporting
  • Monthly commission check
  • Training videos
  • Marketing collateral
  • Fast approval and funding for your clients

Since 1998, Universal Funding has been a full service factor that does not outsource any of its support staff.  We handle all underwriting, approvals, contracts, fundings, and accounts receivable management in-house.  We know our clients and build a true business relationship with them. We’d like to do the same for you’re the businesses in your network.

If you are ready to become an independent contractor for Universal Funding Corporation, download and complete the Broker Agreement from our website or call 1-(800)-984-4265.


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