Factoring Company

A factoring company is a company that offers an alternative, yet vital source of commercial funding to businesses in need of cash flow solutions. They began to gain popularity over the past few years due to the recession and were sought out over traditional loans to fund business equipment purchases, new facilities purchases, raw equipment purchases and more. Rather than offering loans, a factoring company offers funding through a different source: buying open invoices. A factoring company will pay for a company’s open invoicesand purchase them, providing a large cash advance and helping companies get the cash flow they need in as few as 24 hours. Many companies have come to rely on this service not only to find additional capital when they need it, but to also manage defaulted invoices rather than try to collect them themselves. This process allows businesses to focus on what’s important: running their businesses, rather than focusing on collecting receivables.

There are many benefits of selling your invoices to an accounts receivable factoring company. More businesses these days are selling their invoices to maintain cash flow and finance growth. Most small businesses have experienced a lack of cash flow from time to time and will need to explore other methods to settle payments for their own expenses.


Financial strains usually occur because some customers do not make their payments on time. The delay can adversely affect the flow of business. By selling their invoices to an accounts receivable factoring company, they can solve their cash flow problems. This means that they will receive the cash upfront rather than having to wait for small incremental payments from their clients who may not even make their next payment on time.

When your business has multiple unpaid invoices, you can fall short on your own obligations like paying vendors, taxes, and payroll. This means you will have to scale back on other areas of expenses, such as marketing and recruiting new employees. This could seriously hurt the business that you and your team have tried so hard to build. By selling those invoices to an accounts receivable factoring company, you receive a whole new stream of cash flow. There is no more worrying on your end about clients missing their due payment dates.
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